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WHOOMP! THERE IT IS! [Dec. 6th, 2004|10:46 am]
Just updating to update -- there's really nothing to talk about except that we're playing in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday and at WILL'S PUB in ORLANDO on Sunday.. be there!

'cause I'm naughty by nature not 'cause I hate ya..


From: quietxcoastline
2004-12-06 11:57 pm (UTC)
yeah, if i was in the ft. lauderdale area i'd sooo see you guys.
but unfortunately, i'm stuck here on long island where it's cold. verrry coldddd. but yeah.
if you guys need help booking shows here, i know a several venues that would be good for you guys to play at..so yeah.
well i'll stop bothering you guys now.
merry christmas..happy holidays!
good luck with everything and congrats on the cd release!
and hopefully i'll see you guys soon!
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